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Mission, Vision and Values

Core Beliefs

Understanding Us

Mission, Vision and Values

Working with the Brazilian community in Switzerland and Swiss community in Brazil, the respective governments and other agents, companies, individuals and institutions acting in the exchange between both countries, the Brazil-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Service, CHamBR, has as mission:

1 – Promote trade and social relations between the two countries, contributing to the approximation of companies and, consequently, the bilateral trade;

2 – Represent and defend the common interests of its members;

3 – Encourage scientific, educational and sports cooperation between public and private institutions in Switzerland and Brazil.

4 – Provide information on the two countries and promote them as safe and advantageous countries for commercial transactions;

5 – Promote with the governments of both countries policies that favor trade liberalization and pro-market measures in favor of entrepreneurship and free enterprise;

6 – Contribute to the development of the business environment of the respective expatriate communities.

Values & Vision

We are guided by the values of transparency, honesty, integrity, trust and cooperation, and our vision is to become an important agent, promoting greater economic, social and cultural integration, and to be a reference in exchanges, in all its forms, between Brazil and Switzerland.
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