Motivated to solve many of the world’s biggest problems, the CEO of Enoil Bioenergies - a Swiss renewable energy and biotechnology company - Maurizio Caroldi, Italian, and Geneva resident, has been studying practical and sustainable solutions since 2001 to answer many of his concerns. The main objective of Enoil Bioenergies is to create innovative solutions in the areas of food production, energy and transportation and it was through the production of algae that Mr. Caroldi found solutions to many global problems.

Philippe Rohner is a senior investment manager with over 20 years of experience as well as the co-manager of the Water Fund at Pictet Asset Management. Philippe, a Brazilian with Swiss roots, who began his career as chemical engineer in oil refining, air and water management projects, shares his experience with thematic investing at a Swiss bank. Pictet Asset Management is a specialized asset manager with a large array of solutions and investments for investors all around the world. It currently manages

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