É sempre agradável compartilhar boas notícias quanto ao trabalho de nossos associados. Segue texto sobre nossa associada, Geisa Mourão, e seu projeto - “reconectando com sua melhor versão” - um projeto de mentoria que acaba de receber um apoio da Fundação Paulo Coelho & Cristina Oiticica. Para todas as nossas associadas e leitoras recomendamos analisar esta oportunidade para melhorar seus conhecimentos de autoliderança, gerenciamento de tempo e comunicação. Mais informações A plataforma colaborativa Oxitocinas, tem o prazer e alegria de anunciar

A Embaixada da Suíça no Brasil comunica que no dia 01/02/2022 será lançado o edital 2022 para projetos de inovação transnacional entre a Suíça e o Brasil A Embaixada da Suíça no Brasil comunica que no dia 1 de fevereiro de 2022 será lançado o edital 2022 para projetos de inovação transnacional entre a Suíça e o Brasil, com os temas abaixo relacionados, dirigido a toda a comunidade acadêmica. A Agência Suíça para Promoção da Inovação (Innosuisse) e a Agência Brasileira de Pesquisa e Inovação Industrial (EMBRAPII), com o apoio

Motivated to solve many of the world’s biggest problems, the CEO of Enoil Bioenergies - a Swiss renewable energy and biotechnology company - Maurizio Caroldi, Italian, and Geneva resident, has been studying practical and sustainable solutions since 2001 to answer many of his concerns. The main objective of Enoil Bioenergies is to create innovative solutions in the areas of food production, energy and transportation and it was through the production of algae that Mr. Caroldi found solutions to many global problems.

Philippe Rohner is a senior investment manager with over 20 years of experience as well as the co-manager of the Water Fund at Pictet Asset Management. Philippe, a Brazilian with Swiss roots, who began his career as chemical engineer in oil refining, air and water management projects, shares his experience with thematic investing at a Swiss bank. Pictet Asset Management is a specialized asset manager with a large array of solutions and investments for investors all around the world. It currently manages

Invited by the Brazilian–Swiss Chamber (CHamBR) to travel to Geneva directly from Brazil to participate in a conference on Fintech and Social Inclusion, Gilvan Bueno, CFO of Banco Maré, shares his story of overcoming challenges and achieving success in the financial markets. “My life is a book which I plan to launch sometime in the future.”  This is how our interview begins with Gilvan Bueno, CFO of Banco Maré, 38 years old and originally from Salvador, Brazil. “My mother passed away when

Nicolas A. Tamari – the CEO of Sucafina, has seen the Company grow and develop since his childhood. He finds strength through the continuous support that Sucafina provides to people by trying to positively change their lives when it can. While Sucafina trades over 300,000 tons of coffee annually, family members regard themselves more as change makers rather than salespeople. “I have the most amazing job in the world. Coffee isn’t just a product, it’s a value chain, and it’s a livelihood

Nicolas Merckling studied journalism and communication as well as anthropology and ethnology before spending a year in Latin America where he reported on his first visit to the Amazon region. He met his wife Luana, a physician from Macapá – the capital city of Amapá state on the banks of the Amazon River, in Chile, during the first term of President Fernando Henrique Cardoso. The couple is enamoured of the Amazon region, its biodiversity and its people and thought about creating a

In the presence of more than forty guests, the Brazil-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce, Chambr, held the “Doing Business in Brazil – Fintechs and Inclusion” event on April 16 at Espaço Fert in Geneva. Two Brazilian and two Swiss speakers shared their knowledge on the subject, focusing on solutions that technological innovations can promote in the world banking system to include more than 1.7 billion people who do not yet have a bank account, nor enjoy the facilities and opportunities generated by

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