People Doing Business in Brazil – Fintechs and Social Inclusion – Event report

Doing Business in Brazil – Fintechs and Social Inclusion – Event report

In the presence of more than forty guests, the Brazil-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce, Chambr, held the “Doing Business in Brazil – Fintechs and Inclusion” event on April 16 at Espaço Fert in Geneva.

Two Brazilian and two Swiss speakers shared their knowledge on the subject, focusing on solutions that technological innovations can promote in the world banking system to include more than 1.7 billion people who do not yet have a bank account, nor enjoy the facilities and opportunities generated by electronic payment means.

From the Brazilian side, Roberto Argento presented a picture of the Fintechs market in Brazil, where extremely fertile ground for innovation and a nascent regulation create a window of opportunity favorable to international investors.

Gilvan Bueno was applauded when presenting Banco Maré, a startup with a high social impact born in the slums of Rio de Janeiro. Banco Maré, by offering an online platform, a means of payment through criptomoedas and a prepaid credit card, looks at the financial inclusion of 50 million Brazilians.

On the Swiss side, Marc Lussy, F10 mentor, Fintechs accelerator and incubator, provided us with success stories in the integration between Brazilian and Swiss startups, highlighting opportunities and synergies.

In turn, Fabio Sofia, president of Sustainable Finance Geneva, presented an overview of the Swiss market, highlighting the huge growth in the number of fintechs in that country, as well as fundraising.

Founded in Geneva in 2017, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services Brazil-Switzerland – CHamBR has the ambition to be a space of dialogue and a point of reference between the two countries promoting events and projects with the aim of strengthening partnerships and, above all , to create business opportunities among Swiss and Brazilian people, companies and institutions.

It was a very rich evening of content, where the attendees could have a broad view of the benefits of Fintechs in social inclusion and the importance of the growth of Fintechs in Brazil and Switzerland.

CHamBR appreciates the presence of the distinguished speakers and the quality of their presentations that contributed to the success of that night. Special thanks to our partners Air France and FERT for their support.

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