People Dumato – The Amazon forest in Geneva

Dumato – The Amazon forest in Geneva

Nicolas Merckling studied journalism and communication as well as anthropology and ethnology before spending a year in Latin America where he reported on his first visit to the Amazon region.

He met his wife Luana, a physician from Macapá – the capital city of Amapá state on the banks of the Amazon River, in Chile, during the first term of President Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

The couple is enamoured of the Amazon region, its biodiversity and its people and thought about creating a bridge between Europe and Amazonia, and promoting the entry of natural products from Amazonia to Europe.

The Amazon region represents half of all the remaining tropical forests on the planet and includes the greatest biodiversity in an equatorial forest in the world. It possesses 16,000 species of trees and 30,00 species of plants.

Moved by this passion, five years ago they created Dumato, which, in Portuguese, means, “that which comes from the forest”.

“Dumato is much more than a company which produces cosmetics. It is also a concept which allows people to discover products from the forest and learn about their benefits to our health and bodies as well as appreciate the knowledge of Amazon culture, says Nicolas.

It was in England where Nicolas sought the scientific basis of cosmetics in order to create, in Geneva, a wide array of products which range from body and facial creams to soaps and exfoliant butters with ingredients which are 100% sourced in the Amazon.

“Dumato combines many things which I have always enjoyed: nature, people, their customs and history.” Nicolas says that every entrepreneur faces challenges, but we are the ones who create our own limitations.

“Our biggest challenge today is to become better known so we can achieve financial autonomy. As entrepreneurs we seek rapid, economic and efficient solutions.

The Dumato store opened over a year ago and also distributes its products through pharmacies and beauty salons.

Nicolas ends our conversation with a very positive view of the future: “I appreciate Brazilian culture immensely, Brazilians always find happiness and optimism in everything they do, even when facing difficulties. This, together with European pragmatism, allows us to forge ahead and consolidate our project.”

By Daniela Mendez
Member Board of Directors – CHamBR

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