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Dear members & dear friends,


The Brazil-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce was officially created on July 20, 2017 after years of discussions and exchanges of ideas to be able to mature the process.

The main purpose of CHamBR is to promote trade between Brazil and Switzerland, support the activity of its members and to function as a bridge between these two countries. This goal is “malleable”, evolves and refines over time.

We work on various axes. First, it is an exchange platform available to members and partners of the CHamBR from which several projects and synergies can be created.

We are developing a brand through the events we organize and this will help us to attract more members from the multinationals present in Switzerland, especially in the Lake Geneva region.

Promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals helps guide our actions and promotes impact projects – since CHamBR is based in Geneva and rubs shoulders with international organizations working with sustainable development, the chamber is influenced by the Sustainable Development Goals and wants to participate in this process.

We have very good partnership relationships with other chambers of commerce based in Switzerland, particularly with regard to the organization of events. The CHamBR is also a founding member of the AICC – Association of International Chambers of Commerce; project born at the initiative of the Italy-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce and which today brings together some fifteen bilateral chambers of commerce in Switzerland. This collaboration allows us to give the CHamBR a much larger projection and to learn by exchanging on our different experiences.

What are the main advantages for a company or individual becoming a member of CHamBR?

Individual members have professional development or project tools at their disposal. The special feature of the room is that it was created by individual members – who do not depend on large companies – for this reason they can better understand the needs of individual members and operate as a project accelerator.

For companies, the room is a platform through which companies can accelerate projects, it is also a gateway to the Brazilian market and, conversely, a gateway to Switzerland for Brazilian companies wishing to internationalize. their activities across Switzerland. Companies can also ask the CHamBR to participate in the organization of events on a theme related to their activity.

Thank you!

Pedro da Silva Neves

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