Members in Focus

Members in Focus

Interviews of the CHamBR

BSBIOS (Switzerland)
Domenico Barone


Domenico Italo Barone, bachelor of business administration and postgraduate in Industrial Administration, top management expertise in a career spanning 25+ years leading and advising corporations through complex restructurings, international expansion and merging/acquisition operations.

Action in financial institutions, industries, sugar mills and investors, providing them with support on commercial, trading operations, structuring and managing merging and acquisition operations in the sugar/ethanol business, logistical, energy, agribusiness retail/industrial markets and infrastructure issues. Since 2017 acting as CEO at Bsbios Switzerland S.A., subsidiary of the biggest Brazilian biofuels group. The company develops trading operations of biofuels, oil, distillates and other commodities.

Other companies participation: Coimex Importadora e Exportadora, CTM Citrus S/A, United Colors of Benetton and Coopercitrus Industrial Frutesp S/A

Maíra Barcellos


With over 20 years of experience in digital marketing and e-commerce, Maíra Barcellos played a key role in launching, developing and consolidating several companies in Brazil, such as Expedia Inc (with the opening of operation of the platform), as well as the consolidation of the B2C operation of the Meliá hotels International.

She joined Nielsen in Brazil in 2016 with the responsibility to consolidate digital measurement in this Marketplace. In 2017 Maira moved to Spain with the challenge of implementing efficiency solutions for digital advertising campaigns and expanding the range of digital measurement solutions for the Spanish market.

Experienced Marketing Lead with a demonstrated history of working in the information services industry. Skilled in Digital Strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Market Research, Direct Marketing, and Business Development. Strong marketing professional with a Business Analytics master degree.

Passionate about Switzerland, Maira travels almost every month to Geneva and soon plans to take up residence in that city.

Olivia de Oliveira


Olivia de Oliveira was born in São Paulo. She studied at the Universidade Federal de Bahia in Brazil in 1986, and at the Istituto Universitario di Archittetura di Venezia in 1989. Between 1990 and 2000, she completed the master’s degree “Arte, Arquitectura, Ciudad” and the doctorate in architecture at the ETSAB Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona.

Olivia teached at the Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo of the Universidade Federal do Brasil FAUFBA and at the Facultad de Ambiente Naturale, Arquitectura y Constructo ENAC EPFL.

Author of several publications dedicated to the theory and criticism of Brazilian architecture, including the book “Sutis substâncias da arquitetura de Lina Bo Bardi”. Awarded the IAB São Paulo – Instituto dos Arquitetos do Brasil in 2006 and was nominated for the RIBA – Royal Institute of British Architects in 2007.
Worked in Salvador, São Paulo and Barcelona before moving to Switzerland.

Heloisa Slav


Heloisa Slav is Brazilian, living in Geneva, presents her views on the importance of the exchange between Switzerland and Brazil for the area of trade finance of commodities. She also brings to our attention how the innovations promoted by new technologies might be supportive for the area of sustainable finance with a forward-looking framework for risk assessments.

Heloisa is international lawyer and for the past 20 years, she has advised various trade finance funds, investment and commercial banks and trading companies, with offices in the cities of São Paulo and Geneva.  We invite you to watch the interview here.

Liliana Tinoco


Liliana Tinoco Bäckert, living in the Zurich region, has just published a book entitled: “Amores Internacionais” (Editora Inverso) on intercultural experiences including marriages between people of different cultures.

Liliana is a journalist and intercultural consultant and has worked with and Radio CBN, etc. We invite you to watch the interview here.

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