Nicolas A. Tamari – the CEO of Sucafina, has seen the Company grow and develop since his childhood. He finds strength through the continuous support that Sucafina provides to people by trying to positively change their lives when it can. While Sucafina trades over 300,000 tons of coffee annually, family members regard themselves more as change makers rather than salespeople. “I have the most amazing job in the world. Coffee isn’t just a product, it’s a value chain, and it’s a livelihood

Nicolas Merckling studied journalism and communication as well as anthropology and ethnology before spending a year in Latin America where he reported on his first visit to the Amazon region. He met his wife Luana, a physician from Macapá – the capital city of Amapá state on the banks of the Amazon River, in Chile, during the first term of President Fernando Henrique Cardoso. The couple is enamoured of the Amazon region, its biodiversity and its people and thought about creating a

In the presence of more than forty guests, the Brazil-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce, Chambr, held the “Doing Business in Brazil – Fintechs and Inclusion” event on April 16 at Espaço Fert in Geneva. Two Brazilian and two Swiss speakers shared their knowledge on the subject, focusing on solutions that technological innovations can promote in the world banking system to include more than 1.7 billion people who do not yet have a bank account, nor enjoy the facilities and opportunities generated by

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